PENNED 002: Safety Guaranteed

Safe landings for leaps of faith

We’re gaining momentum! Thank you for reading, sharing, commenting, and following. We appreciate all the love and support. It’s a privilege and a joy to shine a light on our fellow creatives and their journeys.

This week we’re inviting you back to the bedroom. We promised our residents a safe-space to self-express, and they continue to rise to the occasion. In this issue, we’re ramping up the vulnerability and diving into sexuality, anxiety, and intimacy.

Jennica confesses: “I am Bisexual and Married. No more hiding.”

“Realizing I’m bisexual in my late twenties was terrifying. I suddenly felt like a teenager again: awkward, unsure, even gross. I worried about what this meant for me, for my marriage, for my place in the world.”

Solomon illustrates The Journey of an Anxious Creator

“My journey as an anxious creator is rooted in feelings of imposter syndrome. As if anyone with access to my work, at any time, can tell me it’s not for me – crushing my dream and myself in the process. My journey as an anxious creator is also rooted in an effort to achieve perfectionism, which itself is situated in white supremacy culture.”

Hazel opens up in The Dive from the Moon

“I was programmed to believe that physical sexual intimacy was all that there was and I felt trapped. I needed something more. Something different. Something less complicated. Something without physical penetration. Then, I discovered platonic intimacy.”

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