Issue 001: Souls On Display

Victory goes to the vulnerable

Happy New Year Pennedpal!

Welcome to the first issue of our newsletter showcasing content from our wildly creative residents. 2020 was a remarkably difficult year for everyone, but it also served as the perfect opportunity for a lot of us to go inward.

We launched Pennedhouse in November and it has already proven to be a much needed safe space for self-expression. We have over 30 residents working on content in the house and today we celebrate three brave souls who are pioneering vulnerability by exploring fear, grief, and jealousy while baring their souls in the process.

Here’s a look at their intimate introspection.

My Toxic Relationship With Fear by Yamileth Jaramillo

“The truly crazy part about fear is that you can feel extremely empowered and equally fearful. Funny how these emotions affect our actions and our physical bodies. The mysterious aches in the shoulder, the furrow of your brow that now lays permanently traced into your face over time. I’ve hoarded my work for years in fear of being judged, being too seen, being too loud while being myself.”

Santiago James reflects on how Time Moves Slow after the loss of a friend. It’s a quick read with a powerful message that should remind and inspire men to seek therapy. He cried when he wrote it, so you know it’s real.

“The first three paragraphs took me approximately thirty minutes to write, but then I had to stop because my eyes started to well up. Death is so final, so abrupt, there’s almost nothing you can do to prepare for the loss of someone close to you.”

Our Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief Naomi Mack on Sitting With Emotions

“Thankfully this year has been different. Living with my partner has helped me face my emotions head-on because there’s nowhere else to run. I no longer have the luxury of putting “processing emotions” at the end of my to do list, for the sake of my peace and the health of my relationships it has to happen NOW. So I decided to befriend my anxiety, disappointment, frustration, anger, and all of the other uncomfortable feelings by literally sitting with them.”

Here’s what else is coming soon to the bedroom:

  • Solomon opens up on his journey as a creative with anxiety

  • Hazel normalizes platonic intimacy in her ‘dive from the moon’

  • Mr. Golden debuts an introspective poem on valuing relationships

  • Jennica owns her evolving sexuality post-marriage

  • Rennard continues his love letters to New York after 8 years

And we’re just getting started!

Thanks for subscribing and joining us on this journey. If you read anything that resonates please share a comment. Let’s reward these brave souls for their vulnerability by keeping the conversation going!